Short Film: PARADISIAC, 4min., Belgium, Experimental

Direccted by Quentin Dujardin
An elderly lady remembers the autumn mornings she spent on a vast river in the company of her friends, when they were children. In this immense setting, they rowed towards an island
they had named… Paradisiac.

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Director Biography – Quentin Dujardin

Composer & guitarist, Quentin Dujardin creates a unique universe around his nylon-string guitars. His path remains immutably attached to sound and emotion. Also fascinated by the work of the image, he begins a new facet of his artistic personality. “Paradisiac” is his first short film as film director.

His work as a composer also leads him to produce the soundtrack for the theatrical adaptation of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s best-selling novel, “Monsieur Ibrahim & des Fleurs du Coran”. In 2011, Quentin Dujardin is invited to join the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation to become an artist ambassador of this association with international influence. His soundtrack for the film “Ma Forêt” wins an award in 2012 at the United Nations Forum on Forests. After more than a thousand concerts, his music now counts more than 10 million streams in more than a hundred countries.

Notable musical collaborations include harmonica player Toots Thielemans, American producer Lee Townsend, drummer Manu Katché, Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat, and Roma violinist Iva Bittova, as well as Richard Bona, Bert Joris and many others.

Director Statement

“Music has always been an extraordinary way to sublimate a story. Today, I am starting a new adventure: sublimating music through images.” – Quentin Dujardin, director

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