Best Short Film: I WISH FOR YOU
Best Performances: C. P. CAVAFY | THE CITY (Wherever I Turn My Eyes To)
Best Cinematography: THE VIOLIN AND ITS SHADOW
Best Sound & Music: SUPERHUMAN

Theme of night: Connecting in a unique way

NOTE: Festival took place during the COVID-19 virus lockdown so all screenings were held in private.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterI WISH FOR YOU, 5min., UK, Drama

festival posterC. P. CAVAFY | THE CITY (Wherever I Turn My Eyes To), 3mmin,. Greece, Music Video

festival posterMILLENIALS LEAVE IN PEACE, 6min., Canada, Docmentary

festival posterSUPERHUMAN, 4min., Germany, Experimental

festival posterSOUNDING THE ALARM – AMERICA’S CLIMATE CRISIS, 18min., USA, Documentary

festival posterTHE VIOLIN AND ITS SHADOW, 25min., Greece, Drama

The beginning of a (temporary) new era.

See you at the festivals. Whenever that happens!

– Matthew Toffolo

Director Biography – Stuart Rideout (I WISH FOR YOU)

Welsh born, Stuart has written and directed multiple award winning campaigns for Climate Change featuring celebrities including David Harewood, Jarvis Cocker, Stephen Fry, Meera Syal, Emilia Fox, Alison Steadman, Jeremy Irons, Charles Dance, Jason Isaacs and Miranda Richardson. His work has been shared widely at festivals all over the world, recently his Climate Change Film ‘I Wish For You’ ft Jeremy Irons has been selected by Asian Short Film Festival in Tokyo to tour Japan over the summer.
Stuart has a truly impressive breadth of work, capturing nuanced and truthful performances blended with luscious cinematic landscapes. Clients include, Sony, Ford, M&S, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Toyota and Guinness.

Director Statement

Given the climate emergency that the earth is facing. It is vital that we communicate how beautiful and precious the world around us is.

Its important that we work together across generations and act quickly and with purpose to save the things we love and cherish for our children and our children children.

Short Film: I WISH FOR YOU, 5min., UK, Drama

A woman finds a long lost letter from her grandfather. As she reads it, his words evoke strong emotive memories as well as a love and hope for the world around us that transcends time.

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Director Biography – Panagiotis Kountouras, Aristarchos Papadaniel (C. P. CAVAFY | THE CITY (Wherever I Turn My Eyes To))

PANAGIOTIS KOUNTOURAS is a top graduate of Film Studies Department (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). His films Heroes of the Flicks, A Box Made of Wood and Emoticon Man have been officially selected and awarded in several film festivals around the world. His latest short IVAN premiered in Leeds Film Festival 2018 and received the Jury Recognition Award in Bucharest Shorts. He has directed more than 60 commercials and corporate videos in advertising business, 120 TV show episodes and music videos for acclaimed Greek and international artists (Gus G., Dimitris Maramis, Firewind, Outloud). In 2017 he collaborated with Thessaloniki International Film Festival for the European program EUFORIA, directing 15 short documentaries and receiving 4 Jury Awards. Moreover, with the documentary TV series My Name is not Refugee he was selected to participate in INPUT 2017 (International Conference of Public Television). For the last three years he was head of cinema education in Mantoulidis Private Schools, being one of the 6 finalists in Medea Awards 2018 for his innovative method of using video in media education. He has hosted & directed the SELFIE TV show in Public Television of Greece (ERT2). He is the Creative Director of Vibrand Media Agency. In August 2020, he was selected to participate in Sarajevo Talents (by Berlinale Talents), in directors summit programme, with acclaimed Hungarian director Gyula Gazdag as his mentor.

ARISTARCHOS PAPADANIEL studied Tourism Business Administration, Graphic Design and Animation. Author of the book “Greek Political Caricature. The Serious Side to a Funny Art”. Creator of the flipbook series “Pocket Cinema” and the poster book “A Comics Artist on TV”. In 2005 he co-founded the creative studio/production company Syllipsis Ltd., where he produces visual communication through animation, illustration and graphic design. A number of his illustrations have been published by magazines, exhibited on galleries and broadcasted on various TV series and shows (e.g. “The X Factor”). Co-creator (direction-animation) of the awarded educational animated TV series “A Letter – A Story” which is produced by the Educational RadioTelevision of the Greek Ministry of Education. Based on the TV series a digital interactive learning environment is being developed [Medea Awards 2012 (highly commended), Seal of Good Digital Practice for Education (University of Athens)]. Co-editor of the edition “70 Years of Greek Animation” published by ASIFA Hellas in collaboration with Greekanimation.com funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Founding member of ASIFA HELLAS Hellenic Animation Association. On 2020 his animated short film “The Song of the Fates” (Syllipsis productions) was selected to be funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Greek Film Centre (WIP 2021).

Director Statement

“C. P. CAVAFY | THE CITY (Wherever I Turn My Eyes To)” introduces the genre of audiovisual epigram.

In this poetic live-action documentary the 2D animation -having a strong imprint upon abstraction- is used as a medium in three revealing shots. The poet’s gaze appearing as a dead Fayum portrait is the first shot. And the other two shots depict the souls procession at fire-stricken town of Mati, where in July 2018 the deadliest fire in Greece, and internationally in the last decade, took place.

Short Film: C. P. CAVAFY | THE CITY (Wherever I Turn My Eyes To), 3mmin,. Greece, Music Video

As a mummy portrait of Fayum, the gaze of the Poet who “brought to Art” “things half glimpsed, faces or lines” distinguishes with the corner of his eye the souls procession at Mati’s little corner. Audiovisual epigram in memory. To no avail.

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Peter is a film & television director, producer, and EP with two decades of international experience creating documentary feature films. After traveling to over 80 countries, Peter is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. He is committed to developing and producing compelling content with a purpose. Peter believes that storytellers have a distinct responsibility to bring entertaining, authentic stories to the screen. Last year, he produced HBO’s Torn Apart: Separated at the Border with Oscar-winning director Ellen Goosenberg. He also joined forces with Fisher Stevens, Mark Monroe, Sebastian Junger, and Nick Quested for a National Geographic feature documentary, Blood on the Wall, airing September 2020. Goetz gained access to the drug cartels, immigrant caravans, and courageous Mexican photo-journalists, laying their lives on the line for their story.

Goetz believes that with such a polarized news cycle, documentary films are the best medium to implement concrete, positive change. His mission is to tell stories that challenge audiences to question their perception of reality, create empathy, and empower them to take action.

Director Statement

Sounding the Alarm was the single most important body of work I’ve created in my career. Humanizing the climate crisis is now an ongoing mission I wish to dedicate my energy toward until we start to find solutions to the massive problem we all face.