Short Film: INVADE, 15min., Thriller

Directed by Eunice Levis

An undocumented scientist and his son try to stop an environmental disaster.

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Director Biography – Eunice Levis

Eunice Levis is a first-generation Dominican-American, born and raised in The Bronx, New York.

She is currently developing several projects that combine her love of horror, sci-fi, thriller, and fantasy, many through a diasporic lens. She recently wrote and directed InVade, a sci-fi short film, which made the second round of the 2020 Sundance Episodic Lab with its pilot script. Her urban gothic horror feature script Keep also made the second round consideration for the 2021 Sundance Feature Development program.

Eunice’s latest work, a folklore horror micro short titled Fell Ends was an extraordinary selection at NYX’s 13 minutes of horror film festival and streamed on Shudder.

Her upcoming film, an urban fantasy titled Ro and the Stardust, is part of the 2021 NALIP Latino Lens Women of Color Short Film Incubator, sponsored by Netflix. Eunice is represented by 3 Arts Entertainment.

Director Statement

I am a genre junkie; sci-fi, horror, fantasy, thrillers…I consume it all in massive quantities. I love everything about it except for the lack of diversity.  People of color are largely underrepresented.  As a content creator I am dedicated to narrating stories of people who are overlooked and/or silenced.
“InVade” serves as an opportunity to break into the sci-fi genre with a story that follows an undocumented hero. Typically, the undocumented live silent lives – but they experience emergencies, pandemics and other civil turmoil just like other legal residents. 
The subject of immigration and undocumented people particularly in the United States has always been urgent and the rhetoric largely toxic. It is easy to overlook how these people have contributed to the health and wealth of America. I feel compelled to tell this story through the narrative of characters that are typically voiceless or restricted to a small subset of genres. This story honors their existence and humanity.

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