Short Film: #CLIMATEOFCHANGE – “The Making Of” – A contemporary circus project, Italy, 24min.,

Directed by Daniele Poli
An anonymous narrator personified by an elusive typist, accompanies us along the path of creating a contemporary circus show: the artistic expression of the EU funded project #ClimateOfChange, which uncovers all types of migration caused by the consequences of climate change in these last decades. The girls of WeWorld Onlus present us the project and then dive behind the scenes of the MagdaClan Circus into the secret mechanisms behind the great shows, such as being able to do a European tour with two “transformers” trucks that turn into the dystopian stage of the show.

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Director Biography – Daniele Poli

Daniele Poli started his journey into filmaking that day of August 2014, when a couple of musicians/show-men picked-him up with a camper and drove way up to Winchester’s countryard in England and joined the hypnotic Boomtown Fair.

From then on, Daniele grew up the passion in filming and editing, and from the street photographer he was, he started shooting music videos and promotional videos for local artists and circus performers. His past as a musician and photographer helped him to get in touch with many artisti, musicians, performes, studios and orchestras.

He built-up a video promotional campaign for Orchestra Senzaspine, a local classical Orchestra, doing original fiction-style screenplays along classical operas such as “Il barbiere di Siviglia”, “Le Nozze di Figaro” and an original Circus Opera featuring the orchestra with the circus company MagdaClan Circus, Masnada.

The network between musicians, artists and local culture associatitions made possible to shoot and direct many music videoclips both commercials and social-themed (such as migration and cultural desieses: @Sans Papier – Polly, @Isole – Rumba de Bodas).

Meanwhile his interest in documentaries made him film and edit a 5-episodes-short documentary through the personal history of the classical composer Shostakovich, again a production of Senzaspine, key-casting the conductor Tommaso Ussardi.

On spring 2021 the Magdaclan Circus and WeWorld Onlus contacted him to shoot and direct a documentary about the outstanding project #ClimateOfChange. An European campaign of sensibilisation on themes such as migrations around the World caused by climate change.
the Edge of this sensibilisation was actually a road-tripping tour of MagdaClan Circus of the original Show, directed by Petr Forman.

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