Short Film: CLIMATE UNDER PRESSURE, 12min., USA, Documentary

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“There is an abundance of information in the ocean’s depths that could be vital to our survival.” Come take a look at the wondrous and fragile ecosystems that lie so far beneath the ocean’s surface, as we examine the deep-sea exploration and its impact on climate. Features original footage from a number of expeditions that took place on Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Research Vessel Falkor and the associated deep-sea technology.

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Director Biography – Carlie Wiener, Alex Ingle

Dr. Carlie Wiener is the Director of Communications and Engagement Strategy and has more than thirteen years of experience in marine science communications working on research, outreach, evaluation, and professional leadership. Dr. Wiener received her bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in communications and her Master’s and Doctorate degree in environmental studies from York University in Toronto, Canada. Her research focused on integrating natural and social science methods while examining dolphin-swim tourism. Dr, Wiener previously held the position of communications manager for Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) Island Earth, and prior to that worked as the research and outreach specialist for the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Research Partnership at the University of Hawaii. She also hosted the monthly marine science radio show, All Things Marine for six years.

Dr. Wiener has taught several courses on communicating ocean sciences and marine science for the public. She has also developed and implemented several outreach campaigns and curriculum including the Changing Tides and Take a Bite out of Fish Feeding campaigns, and co-wrote the Ocean FEST (Families Exploring Science Together) program. Dr. Wiener has over twelve publications in journals such as Atoll Research Bulletin,Journal of Geoscience Education, American Biology Teacher, and Current Issues in Tourism.

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