Director BIO: Young Son (FINALLY, I FOUND YOU!)

Director Young Son is originally from South Korea and came to the U.S. to study art in New York City at age 18. After some years of studying at Parsons School of Design, she left to France where she found her passion for animation. She then worked as a 2d animator in Paris after graduating from Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon.

She’s been creating and teaching art for kids in Northern California.
Becoming more aware of environmental issues and her love for nature and children, she created a short film, ‘Finally I found you’.
Now she is pursuing her career to create short animation films to express her interests and love for nature.

Director Son’s graduation film ‘M. Poisson’ (‘Mr. Fish’ in English) was awarded for ‘Promising New Director’ in short film category in Dong A/LG international film festival and also her other contents had won several awards for concept and character designs in animation festivals in South Korea.

Director Statement

Once we are born with a first breath on this planet, we all have a journey to complete called, ‘Life’.
On a beautiful day when this tiny creature rolled up his body, expressing his fear towards me, I wished his journey would be full of happiness and joy. Then my dog walked straight over him.
When I dug a hole to plant my hydrangea in my garden and found a big worm looking at me, we both screamed. It was not a scream of joy for sure. I bet she was relieved when I quickly covered her with dirt again.
We might not want to see each other or be aware of the fact that we are living so close together, but we are here for each other on this planet as the universe has planned for ‘Perfect Harmony’. I named the worm ‘Tomo’. It means ‘Mother of the earth’. Our journey together can be sweet and sour but we can make it better with love and care for other beings. Then hopefully our next generation can inherit ‘Good Earth’ for their time and well-being on this planet.

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