Director Biography – Kurt Gerard Heinlein (BETWEEN THE CREAG AND THE SKY)

Kurt is the Head of Acting at Missouri State University. He is a working member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA. He has worked extensively since completing his MFA in Acting from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), with union performance credits that include Broadway, national theatre tours, national concert tours, regional theatre, daytime drama, film, commercial print, and over 30 national SAG-AFTRA television spots. His movement, stunt, and combat work/stunt coordination have been seen in feature films, daytime drama, national commercials, and in professional and educational theatre circuits throughout the nation. A lifelong environmental activist, Kurt has earned several awards for his work in Green Theatre. He has published Green Theatre: Promoting Ecological Preservation and Advancing the Sustainability of Humanity and Nature (book), Evangeline Drowning (play), and numerous articles.

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