ENVIRONMENTAL Festival Winning SHORT Screenplay: Throwaways, by Andy Carpenter

After a seemingly insignificant plastic toy is manufactured by a young child in Latin America, it begins a journey across the world by tractor trailer, a fast-food restaurant trash can, SUV, a garbage truck, and an ocean-freighter. Each mode of transportation offers glimpses into the lives of its transporters, whether mundane, privileged, or desperate. Finally making its way into the grateful hands of a young orphan trying to survive in the trash-wastelands of Malaysia, these throwaways prove that significance is relative.

Narrator: Steve Rizzo
Iris/Shelly: Julie Sheppard
Juan/Manager/Foreman: Geoff Mays
Man/Father/Rayyan: Sean Ballantyne
Oliver/Nathaniel: Allan Michael Brunet
Wife/Woman: Hannah Ehman

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