James Daggett has been making films since he was eight years old, and from early on has been drawn to the format of documentary. He co-directed “Catherine’s Kindergarten”, a forthcoming documentary about a mother’s journey to heal after the passing of her daughter, but “Small Footprints” is his first foray into the realm of eco-minded filmmaking. He hopes to have a long career in the world of environmental documentaries, and is excited to get his directorial debut out into the world.

Director Statement

I knew I wanted my first directorial project to be something eco-centric and close to home. I was actually an employee at this very lodge over the course of two summers, and when I heard Kirk Hoessle tell the story of how it all came to be, I felt compelled to bring that to the screen. Ultimately, I see this story as a blueprint for respectful and sustainable development. The climate in Alaska is changing rapidly, and as a state, we have a unique opportunity to set a standard in sustainable development and energy practices. This film is but a small example of the possibilities when putting environment first.

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