Director Biography – Rennik Soholt (FORCED CHANGE)

Rennik Soholt has worked in high-quality visual content since the turn of the new millennium. He has produced and directed video shoots in over 25 countries across 5 continents. During his career, Rennik has assembled a large body of work that includes web series, feature documentaries, branded content, animated segments, non-scripted television, and music videos. His work has been showcased on Netflix, CNN, Red Bull TV, PBS, Travel Channel, Nat Geo, VICE, YouTube, History, TED, Discovery Channel, Rated Red, ABC and NBC & has worked with publications including Condé Nast, Fine Cooking, Yankee and Hearst Media.

Rennik produced and directed multiple episodes of the Emmy Award winning travel series, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, as well as the award-winning PBS documentary series, Weekends with Yankee Magazine. He also has directed and produced successful reality television shows, including House Hunters International and Pawn Stars. He executive produced and directed the feature documentary, Forced Change, which was showcased on WNET/PBS as well as the CNN documentary, Wine to Water. He is the recipient of the James Beard award for the PBS series, Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie, for which he also received an Emmy nomination. Rennik has directed a range of celebrities including Anthony Bourdain, news commentator and host, Brian Unger, the Grammy Award winning rock band, Queens of the Stone Age, and sports legends Jalen Rose and Warren Moon.

For the past few years, Rennik has also been showrunning a number of television series. As a showrunner, Rennik is lead supervisor both in the field and in the edit room. His experience speaks for itself, but he is also a fair and skilled organizational leader and exceptional head of creative. With an equal background both as a director and a producer, he is able to develop and execute creative vision while never forgetting that this is a business full of clear budgets and hard schedules.

Though Rennik travels the world for work, he lives in New York City with his wife and toddler son.

Director Statement

I moved to New Orleans in 2000. I was a bit lost and needed focus and ended up in Graduate School at Tulane. But it was not for me and I realized I was studying the wrong subject (Social Work) and I dropped out. But I ended up taking classes at the local city college and making a couple of short films. Fast forward to 2005 when Katrina hit and I was already in NYC, I knew this was a film subject for me. I rented a car and I drove to New Orleans. I was there the day the city opened back up to the public in Oct. And I began to film. I focused mostly on people I knew. I started to tell their stories. I continued…for 12 years. This story is so close to my heart. I love New Orleans. I love the people of New Orleans. My heart was broken when so many had to leave, and I went on the journey with them of permanent relocation. This is the most intimate story I could tell outside of my immediate family…maybe more intimate. Forced Change has become a part of my life.

I look forward to sharing this story with y’all.

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