FOREVER, 7min., USA, Experimental

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FOREVER offers a counter-narrative to the anthropocentric way we often describe the city. It acknowledges that our cities, and indeed our world is shared with many other non-human entities, each with their own tendencies and dispositions.

The film offers an opportunity to re-frame our relationship with plastic; one that is currently driven by guilt and vilification, into one of empathy and responsible cohabitation. It attempts to shift our attitude towards plastic, a material made invisible through its banality. Instead, the story makes plastic viscerally and emotionally present in the city. Here plastic is no longer the much maligned victim, the neglected creature made to serve us, and discarded when no longer needed. Plastic here flocks together to challenge our world, encouraging a more responsible approach to world-building and world-living, on its way to building one of its own.

Director Biography – Neha Oswal, Akshada Muley, Aishwarya Raja

By comedyfestival

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