Short Film: THE SACRIFICE ZONE, 31min., USA, Documentary

If you travel down a one-mile stretch of Doremus Avenue in Newark, NJ, you pass a natural gas plant next to a sewage treatment facility next to an animal fat rendering plant next to a series of ominous looking chemical storage containers behind acres of fencing. Airplanes pass overhead every two minutes, their engines rattling… Continue reading Short Film: THE SACRIFICE ZONE, 31min., USA, Documentary

Director BIO: Kalie Granier (2 FEET)

Kalie Granier is an interdisciplinary California-based French artist and curator. Her artistic practice explores the natural world below the surface and the interdependence between everything. She questions the links between our underwater environments, their ecosystems, and our human bodies in the Anthropocene era in order to reveal social and ecological imbalances while imagining alternatives for… Continue reading Director BIO: Kalie Granier (2 FEET)

Short Film: 2 FEET, 6min., USA, Documentary

“2 FEET” explores the aesthetics of macroalgae and their majestic kelp forest through the lives of five women from five continents. This film sits at the intersection of art, science, and ecological conservation, depicting the life power of the underwater forest through women’s prayers. «2 FEET» raises collective consciousness, centering dialogue within living environments to… Continue reading Short Film: 2 FEET, 6min., USA, Documentary

Short Film: THE TRASH CAN, 4min., Argentina, Experimental

Every little action counts in combating the environmental crisis caused by plastic overproduction and overconsumption. PlastiQueen is watching you, and will portal into this world to hold you accountable for contributing to plastic pollution! Will you think twice about your plastic consumption and disposal?


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