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Director Biography – Neha Oswal, Akshada Muley, Aishwarya Rajasekar (FOREVER)

Recent graduates from UCLA Master of Architecture program, from the Entertainment Studio led by Natasha Sandmeier and Nathan Su which specializes in narrative based approach and world-building in storytelling. It encompasses architecture and the use of various digital media to deliver powerful concepts effectively. The work symbolizes the motivation to bring about pro-environmental behavior using… Continue reading Director Biography – Neha Oswal, Akshada Muley, Aishwarya Rajasekar (FOREVER)

FOREVER, 7min., USA, Experimental

  FOREVER offers a counter-narrative to the anthropocentric way we often describe the city. It acknowledges that our cities, and indeed our world is shared with many other non-human entities, each with their own tendencies and dispositions. The film offers an opportunity to re-frame our relationship with plastic; one that is currently driven by guilt… Continue reading FOREVER, 7min., USA, Experimental

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