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Feature Film Trailer: CINE-SYMPHONY PLANET EARTH, 50min., USA, Music Video Documentary

Jed Charles Parker – Director Dyan Lenore – Writer/Producer We document the birth and life of Planet Earth. This includes the sliver of time when humans came and messed everything up. Never fear, our Mother Creator, or Gaia figure, is here to knock heads together and save the day. We end on an uplifting note.… Continue reading Feature Film Trailer: CINE-SYMPHONY PLANET EARTH, 50min., USA, Music Video Documentary

Short Film: INVADE, 15min., Thriller

Directed by Eunice Levis An undocumented scientist and his son try to stop an environmental disaster. Watch the Audience Feedback Video: Project Links  Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram News & Reviews “Introducing the Inaugural Class of the NALIP Latino Lens: Narrative Short Film Incubator for Women of Color”Netflixhttps://about.netflix.com/en/news/introducing-the-inaugural-class-nalip-latino-lens-short-film-incubator “Filmmaker Spotlight”Greater Philadelphia Film Officehttps://film.org/filmmaker-eunice-levis/ “Meet the Director… Continue reading Short Film: INVADE, 15min., Thriller

HIGHLIGHTS: April 2022 Festival

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today. Audience Award Winners:BEST FEATURE FILM: FRESHWATERBEST SHORT FILM: PARADISIAC Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film: PARADISIAC, 4min., Belgium, ExperimentalDirected by Quentin Dujardin An elderly lady remembers the autumn mornings she spent on a vast river in the company of her friends, when they were… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS: April 2022 Festival

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